How to remove .__dilmaV1 Virus virus from system and infected programs

Keep Your PC Safe from .__dilmaV1 Virus Virus,Malware and Ransomware

.__dilmaV1 Virus is a another new ransomware that came purposely to target Portugal and Brazil PC user effectively. It is variant of DilmaLocker Ransomware that was initially discovered by xXToffeeXx. The malware so no other job another than encryption. So to full fill its motive, .__dilmaV1 Virus uses AES-256 cryptography to encrypts its victim's files. After encrypting successfully, the malware appends the “.__dilmaV1” extension to each of the file. Due to infection of deadly malware user unable to access there file any more. Furthermore, .__dilmaV1 Virus creates three files named dilminha.dat, background.bmp and RECUPERE_SEUS_ARQUIVOS.html and keep them on the victimized desktop. The .html and .bmp files contain a ransom demand message written in Portuguese, suggesting user that the Trojan targets victims based on Brazil and Portugal. The ransom note describes that their files have been encrypted and will be deleted in four days if the ransom amount i.e 3000 Brazilian is paid to threat actors. The hackers assured that once affected user pay the ransom amount, they will provide you with a decryption key. But reality is completely opposite to that. Once user paid the amount, many cyber crooks just stop responding. This is exactly why cyber criminals advise not to contact them in the first phase.

.__dilmaV1 Virus Makes PC Worst After Infection

.__dilmaV1 Virus is a ransomware Trojan that is quite similar to GRYPHON, BTCWare, Purge,Aleta and many other threatening program. The basic difference between them is only ransom amount. Such malware are very cunning and used to invade into PC using spam mail attachment. Threat actors used macro enabled documents attached with the spam mails and sent to user as invoice, company important mail vice versa. So once the target user open the mail without inspection, the macro enabled document executed the malware like .__dilmaV1 Virus propagated over PC. That why security experts always recommended that before open any mail double check it.

Hence the .__dilmaV1 Virus is awful and harmful because it is asking huge amount of ransom amount to user. Even though there is no guarantee that after paying they send decryption key. So the best way to protect your PC from threat infection is to be vigilant and avoid spam mails attachment sent via unknown person or company. It is good to backup your important files and use legitimate security tool to clean .__dilmaV1 Virus quickly.


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