How to remove About:blank pop-up virus from system and infected programs

Keep Your PC Safe from About:blank pop-up Virus,Malware and Ransomware

If your computer is constantly displaying pop-ups and browser pop-ups in the address bar with About:blank address, it is clear that your system is infected with malware namely, About:blank pop-up. This could be also a result of either problem with browser settings or due to the presence of adware program on the system. No matter the reason about you are seeing those unwanted pop-ups or ads, the only thing that has to be considered is to remove the malware any how. Actually About:blank pop-up is a nasty computer program termed as adware. Read the article to know more about easy removal technique.

The term about which is typed in the browser's address bar is meant to be used to access browser's internal information such as resource usage, jokes, settings, Easter eggs and other information about browser. When About:blank pop-up is present on your computer, you will start noticing some unpleasant things on your system. This adware program may redirect you to websites that show adult videos. It is also possible that your browser may be set to use this domain as start-up page that get automatically started when you open your browser. The browser settings are also altered and made corrupted to disrupt your activities.

Further, this malevolent program can invite more harmful viruses to invade your system. It can inject viruses like adwares, hijacker, spywares and so on. If your browser is displaying About:blank pop-up, you cannot stop it easily from being shown in the browser. Thus, the only thing you can do to remove About:blank pop-up is to download a reliable and effective anti-virus tool and then do a quick scan to detect harmful programs on the system and start removal process. Anti-virus program will not only remove harmful programs from your PC but also keeps your PC safe from malwares in future.


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