How to remove Ads by MetroCommand virus from system and infected programs

Keep Your PC Safe from Ads by MetroCommand Virus,Malware and Ransomware

If you are also getting Ads by MetroCommand and want to get rid off them then here is the solution. Displaying of such ads clearly indicate that your system already has an adware which is known as MetroCommand. After deep research expert found that the adware is presented as an useful tool which allow its user to control options of the Metro interface of Windows 8 OS. At first the features seems useful but research reveals that it is a unsafe browser extension which may arise annoying issues on the infected system. Users who encounter the ads should avoid clicking on them.

More about Ads by MetroCommand

Like other unwanted program MetroCommand browser extension also select stealthy technique to get inside your system. After its installation, its main target is to get attached with your default browser and alter its settings. If it become successful then you will encounter several kind of add activities specially during your browsing session. Your webpage will be covered by an avalanche of ads which contain text such as Ads by MetroCommand, MetroCommand ads, presented by MetroCommand and more. At firs the ads seems harmless but clicking on them will result in redirection toward unknown and harmful sites. The site where it redirect you will urge you to download some program, but beware because they are harmful.

How the adware get installed in my PC?

As mentioned the adware select stealthy ways to get inside your system and the most frequent one is software bundling. In software bundling method, the adware or unwanted program are injected in some free application. Free application attract any user easily and because of their interesting features they are installed on big level. But during the installation if you skip custom or advance settings then the injected program also get installed in your system. So be careful and remove Ads by MetroCommand to make your PC safe.


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