How to remove Ransomware virus from system and infected programs

Keep Your PC Safe from Ransomware Virus,Malware and Ransomware Ransomware is a new addition in the list of ransomware which is developed in 2016. according to experts, this ransomware is more dangerous than other encrypting virus because it use a combination of two sophisticated encoding algorithm RSA and AES to encrypt data of targeted computer. Once it encode your data then it become a useless file which you can't access without help of decryptor. This nasty threat silently enter your PC ans scan all the available file. It can encrypt the most used file format.

What it do next?

After encrypting your data, it append .locked extension to them. So if you also notice the same extension in your file then you should recognize that it is the attack of Ransomware. Like other ransomware, it also drop a ransom note which is named as “How to decrypt your files” which usually remains in .txt or .html file format. It change the desktop wallpaper and drop this ransom note which confirm the encryption. According to the ransom note you can purchase the decoder by paying to culprit.

Don't pay the ransom

With the help of its ransom note, the threat want user to pay a sum of 10 Bitcoin which become 7418 US dollars after converting. But as advised by most of the expert, you should never consider to pay it. Because there is no confirmation that the culprit will give you the decoder even after you make the ransom. It only help them to expand their malicious business.

Spreading of Ransomware ransomware is a tricky threat which usually get distributed with the help of spam email campaign. Criminals send a well designed email to the targeted user which seems to be a legitimate mail send by some reputable company. The email also contains a genuine looking attachment. But you should not get in the trick because the attachment can install the threat in your system if you open it. So be careful and remove ransomware immediately from your system.


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