How to remove First Ransomware virus from system and infected programs

Keep Your PC Safe from First Ransomware Virus,Malware and Ransomware

First Ransomware is a destructive file encrypting threat which was introduced for educational purpose. This ransomware is another sample of the threat which is developed under Hidden tear project. This threat is identical to all the ransomware which was detected by malware researchers in year 2016. however, it has been removed from its developer after getting criticism but still it is used by cyber criminals for wrong purpose. Once it get inside the system then it scan the available drive and encrypt files stored on them. After the encryption it is almost impossible to access your own files.

How First Ransomware work?

It silently get inside the targeted computer and start its encryption process. The encoding time of First Ransomware depend on how much data is stored on the PC. Once if finishes the encryption then it append .locked extension to all the files. Many user think that removing the extension will bring back their file in previous state but this is wrong. Following the trend of its predecessor, it also inform victim about encryption through a ransom note. If you want the decryption tool then you have to pay 1.5 Bitcoin which is equal to 1308.75 USD. But paying the ransom is not good idea because it uis not sure that you get the decryptor even after paying the ransom.

How to protect PC against this ransomware?

Usually ransomware developer take help of spam email campaign to distribute them. If you are targeted user then you can get a spam email from the criminals which contain an attachment that look legitimate. Opening such attachment will active the ransomware in your system. Apart from that, there are several other ways through which it get distributed. So the best thing is to have a backup of your important data on some other storage media which help you to recover your files if infected with ransomware. But before go for the recover process don't forget to remove First Ransomware.


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