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If you regularly get redirected towards then it means that your computer is affected with MyAllSearch Toolbar. Basically it is a fake search provider which is categorised as a browser hijacker. Infected user have reported that this malcious domain automatically load when they launch their default browser such as Google chrome, IE, Mozilla etc. Author of this domain use it to generate revenue through agreesive advertisement. However, it is easy to detect this hijacker in the system because it replace homepage of your browser with itself. So if you also notice your homepage replaced then be careful.

What make unsafe?

Many novic user take as a genuine search engine because it works same like a search provider. It also contains a search box and also prpovide search result. But be careful because it may show you altered search result which ontains third party links or ad. It do so for tricking user into visiting unsafe and its affiliated sites. It also slowdown your browser and start tracking your online activity on Web. Apart form that it also collect your browisng data to display ads related to your most searched terms and to get more click from you. So try to remove this hijacker quickly from your PC.

How take control over browser?

Usually it get infilitrate the system when user blindly download freeware from unreliable site and installl them. Such freeware or shareware hide unwanted program inside them including this hijacker. If you do not want to face this threat then make sure to select custom mode during set-up of any program. Using default mode let the additional app sneak in your system. If the threat already get installed in your system then it offer you online search. But never trust on that and do not waste your time to remove


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