How to remove virus from system and infected programs

Keep Your PC Safe from Virus,Malware and Ransomware is an unsafe website which is advertised as a useful site that allow its user's to access any site that is block in their area. This may look interesting but you must know that it has been categorized as a browser hijacker which can create lots of annoying issues in your system. The main intention of its developer is to extort money and personal information of user using their browsing activity. Once it get inside your computer then it take place of your homepage of default browser. So if you also see your homepage changed then take immediate action to remove it.

Malicious activities of

When you open this webpage then it give you option to put URL of any website which is blocked and you want to access. But never trust on it because it will hijack your browser and can do several malicious things. It can add several malicious add-ons and plug-ins in your browser. Apart from that it also display several kinds of ads which may create redirection towards unsafe site. It is handled by some cyber criminals so they can introduce some new threat through it. Your saved password, browsing details get collected by this threat which it utilize for commercial purpose.

How invade my PC?

Browser hijacker and other unwanted program usually infect the system due to user careless behavior. These type of unwanted program travels with free application which is downloaded from unsafe site. When user install these freeware, the unwanted apps also get installed silently in the system. This can be avoid by selecting custom or advance mode while installing any new software. Apart from that visiting unsafe or unknown site can also lead you to encounter this hijacker because they contain harmful program. So use your system carefully and remove if you don't want to suffer with further issues.


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