How to remove MotoxLocker Ransomware virus from system and infected programs

Keep Your PC Safe from MotoxLocker Ransomware Virus,Malware and Ransomware

MotoxLocker Ransomware is a Crypto-Virus discovered by the researchers of the MalwareHunterTeam designed with the single intension to encrypt the file stored on the targeted system and demands ransom from the victim. The ransom is generally displayed in Serbo-Croatian language and around 50 euros is demanded in order to decrypt the locked file. The researchers claims that this threat is a newly launched variant of the DetoxCrypto ransomware.

MotoxLocker Ransomware

This hazardous ransomware encrypts the targeted file on the infected system by the use of AES encrypting algorithm which is just not easy to decrypt without the use of its private keys. Once the file gets locked do not get another extension and soon the note holding the specific amount of ransom is displayed on the victim's screen. This ransom ware with different variants sold on the darkweb sites or an affiliate system having different email, background, features and even ransom demands. This one is the latest version supporting the voice message facility attached along with the background picture with ransom note. One more interesting fact about this is unlike the other of variants, it uses background picture of pokemon pikachu while other uses the same. Other ransomware holds the features of voice messages but, this one interacts with the victim in Croatian. While as it was found, its decryption method is also been created just after it. Confidentiality is highly ruined as the file encrypted holds certain precious information and as it gets locked your access to it also gets denied and the privacy is stolen and may get revealed with that of the remote hackers. Sluggish performance is seen and the system starts behaving unfriendly to you. You won't even notice and steadily your system is dragged out your hand. It is highly advised to you not to pay any kind of ransom to the hackers as the payment just not guarantees the restoration of the file safely.

MotoxLocker Ransomware is really a hazardous threat that completely ruins the working of the PC. You are not supposed to avoid its symptoms at all. If found this threat on your PC, remove it as soon as possible.


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