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As claimed by its developer is a safe search engine which not only improve users browsing experience but also allow them to convert PDF to document and vice versa. It is difficult to consider it as unsafe search engine because of its legitimate looking interface. On the interface you will find several icon which allow you to access some site where you can convert your document or access some useful email sites. There are many novice or inexperience users who easily get attracted towards it because of its interesting interface but at the end they have to face issues. Because of its unsafe action it has been classified as a browser hijacker.

Worth to say what a browser hijacker can do in your system. Just like a potentially unwanted program secretly invade your computer and start doing unsafe activities. Its main purpose is to generate income for its author by creating web traffic for third parry website or endorsing their product. To achieve its target it first attack the web browser you are using and alter its settings. As a result you will find your default search engine missing and get at its place. During your whole browsing session it will display annoying ads.

These ads are so stubborn that you can't easily close and if you get success in closing them then they again come on your screen. The ads are designed in such way which attract users but clicking on them will led to unknown website. In addition the search result provided by this fake search engine is also unsafe because it contains links of sponsored sites. Means if you use this search engine you will be rerouted to third party sites where you can meet some more unwanted program. It ia also a big threat for your privacy because it monitor what you search. To halt these activities you need to remove now.


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