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Cyber hacker created their own program as search engine and it name as Which make every possible thing to hamper your system. The tricks used by this browser hijacker is somehow attracting the user and making them force to use the search engine program instead of their own predefined program. You have observed after allowing it you main default web browser settings is bee replaced by this, and even not allow any to change the new settings. The settings may includes search engine settings, homepage settings, new tab settings, cookies settings, pop-up blocker settings, save target link settings and many more. If say in one word all your default settings of default web browser will be changed. will make your security program very weak, which allow many harmful program to enter into your system. will use several different tricks to get into the system, these all trick are only to make user convince that they are doing right thing by installing the software on their system. However most of the time this browser hijacker virus make use of freeware software and vicious website to enter into the system. Not only freeware software and vicious websites, you will find that browser tool like Homepage Wallpaper, Downloader, PDF converter will also bring such type of program on your system. All the action will start after getting into the system, It also might possible that some gaming site or free download provider site like torrent, or porn site may also play vital role in making into your system. will not show any kind of mercy on your system, and as soon as possible it will bring other harmful threat into the system. Other threat includes Adware, PUPs, Trojan will be easily get activated and waiting to enter into your system. However this can be stop if you make a bold move to eliminate this browser hijacker virus from the system. can easily be removed from your system by using following manual steps.


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